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Nov. 13th, 2035 | 05:07 pm

Muselist & HMD posts are forever public. 
I don't update this journal a LOT, but comment to be added, I guess?

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//Universal HMD

Oct. 23rd, 2035 | 12:30 pm

❤  What is this?
This, my good man/lady/something non-binary is a How's My Driving? post for all of the games soneanna is currently in.

Feel free to leave comments or constructive criticism here. This also doubles as a place to get a hold of me, if asking to pick up dropped threads, or just dump crap here because I know of a few of you that would do that, gdit.

For that matter, I am available on AIM as only my wits, and Plurk as undefines. PMing my main journal above also works. 

❤ ❝ What are the stats on this entry?
  Comment-screening (can be unscreened upon request)

❤  Who do you actually play?

Byakuren Hijiri / forgottenmagia
@ mayfield_rpg

Euphemia li Britannia / bloodypacifism
@ exitvoid

Fujiwara no Mokou / paintme_crimson


Kotomi Ichinose / heartmaestro
@ mayfield_rpg

Madoka Kaname / andsosheprays
@ a_facility

Mion Sonozaki / envyspites
@ mayfield_rpg

Remilia Scarlet / indevilsclaws
@ a_facility

Rider / inkstardust

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